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What i See at Night
What I See At Night Into The Forest
  • What I See at Night, 2021
    Artists' Book and digital prints, 84 color pages, dimensions variable. Photographic images and short accompanying texts evoke fragments of dreams recorded by the artist over eleven nights during a three-week period.
Into the Forest
  • Into the Forest, 2020
    Artists’ Book, 126 color pages. The text of Into the Forest consists of a series of letters addressed to the reader, projecting the journey of imagination and interpretation that artist and reader will take when each starts envision the other. As darkness falls in the forest, shapes melt into the shadows, and questions surface from the undergrowth of memory and longing. With the help of Propp’s Morphology of the Folktale, and the Greek myths of the Minotaur and the Medusa, we are led through the night to the artist’s final request, and the reader’s final accusation.
  • Lichenization, 2021
    A series of prints of variable sizes, Lichenization takes its title from the imaginary conjugation of the plant species Lichen—that simple and often beautiful parasitic growth that can form on rocks and trees. Here, the artists' book "Into the Forest" is put into scene as an object against different colour backdrops, creating an additional, parasitic layer of meaning to the original work.
The Hotel Room Oracles | 2015/ongoing
  • The Hotel Room Oracles, 2018
    The Hotel Room Oracles is an ongoing project that explores the interaction between video, still image and text; between what we know about an image, and what the image itself shows us. The series of still images and texts from 2018 utilize and expand upon the film fragments from 2015, that themselves claim to be excerpts from a longer, lost film.